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Rating: 4.02/5 - 24165 Plays
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Genre: Rpg

Your mission in this RPG game that mixes elements of Hack 'N' Slash games and Bejeweled is to play as John Turner, a reluctant vampire and take down hordes of enemy creatures across eight story-filled chapters. Enemies have weaknesses to certain colored attacks, encouraging you to find specific patterns on the grid for maximum success.



Use YOUR MOUSE to click on chains of the same icons for more powerful attacks.




-2 #9 fancykm 2012-06-19 17:06
+1 #8 harrier0 2012-05-28 14:18
Looks really good but takes a while to get used to combat style. Plenty going on to keep you interested and so far My PC hasn't objected to resouces required.
-2 #7 Ragnar 2012-05-21 22:03
I enjoyed this game a good 3/5
-2 #6 Spazio1999 2012-05-05 23:29
I love it
#5 Junno 2011-08-31 08:14
It may be loading too slow but if u play it. you will know it is great
#4 Dr Random 2011-08-20 15:09
It takes forever to load
#3 cneilson 2011-08-14 07:11
Not a bad game, but still needs a lot of work. Combat is interesting, but a bad set up on the tile board can kill you. The Scoundrel is not balanced compared to the other classes, Scoundrel passive ability is actually a penalty not a bonus. The story is pretty simple, and the only interaction is the combat. there's also a flaw that starts slowing the game down severely after a few combats requiring a reload. Entertaining, but could be a lot better.
+1 #2 fergusferret 2011-08-13 23:46
game is loading slower and slower every time I try to access it. I may have to stop playing it and try another game if it keeps doing this.., pity really as it is a good game, just resource hungry all the time
+2 #1 Figsak 2011-08-13 22:38

I'm shocked this game isn't scoring better than 3 stars. It's good looking, original, and has replay value.

The downsides are that it has some sort of memory leak issue that makes the game get super laggy when you play for more than about 15mins and you have to refresh the page to fix it. Also, it has a bit of a difficulty issue towards the end. The enemies start having 6-7+ shields of varying colors, and you just have to keep restarting battles to get a perfect color combo to beat them before they kill you.

That made me quit playing, but I'm pretty impatient.

All in all, if the few problems this game has were fixed, it would be a 4 star game at least.

3/5 stars

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