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Rating: 2.50/5 - 7668 Plays
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Genre: Racing

Battle through twelve tracks from around the world, over three different race classes, upgrading to faster cars as you go.



Use the arrows to steer and X/N/Space to boost. P to pause.
Your quest in this strategic fighting game is to retrieve the sky harbor in a cool tug of war defense game. Build camps, train troops, collect gold, use magic powers and upgrade your technology.



#8 UniQue 2012-07-12 17:04
Quoting harrier0:
Not loading for me?

for me, too! :(
#7 Figsak 2012-05-26 21:03
One of the better racing games available in flash form. Simple, fun, has upgrades, and nothing very wrong with it.

4/5 stars
#6 earth 2012-05-13 20:43
aftetr spending hour to play this and every time crashing on 5th track when in lead I got enuf about this game.
#5 fergusferret 2012-05-10 14:24
simple race game with the need to gain upgrades to be able to win the races. you can repeat the same race over and over, so spamming the game to gain cash. once the car has 80% upgrade it is maxed out (on easy anyway) and from there it is just making sure you use the boost at the correct time to gain first in the race.

not my type of game really but it is easily playable in thew beginning races. I do not aim to continue so will give a general score.

#4 earth 2012-05-09 20:25
works now.

quite good formula/car-game until later levels when competiotion becomes very tough and tracks become harder (very curvy).

very good graphics and sounds but driving basics are from 80s/90s and boost is too neded to be able to be 1st.
#3 Ragnar 2012-05-09 15:46
Will never know perhaps - its not loading cant mark
+1 #2 harrier0 2012-05-09 15:02
Not loading for me?
#1 Spazio1999 2012-05-09 14:04
I don't like it

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