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Rating: 1.38/5 - 4846 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle, Other

Move and unite all Bots to finish the level. To earn the maximum number of batteries for the level complete it with the different states Energy Cells.



Mouse – move Bots.




#4 earth 2014-06-03 20:28
weird puzzler where what to do isn't that clear and blocks move bit weirdly, easy to play but quite boring, nicish graphics and rest.

overall weird game which entertains few levels until player gets bored.
#3 MisterD 2014-06-03 19:50
I agree with Jairone's comments.

This puzzle game lacks a bit in the game play to make it enjoyable. The basic idea is sound, although the rules for gathering "points" are not clearly explained.

Still the graphics, sounds and music are all passable so it's easy to spend a little time playing this if you enjoy the basic concept.

Not one I'll be coming back to though.

#2 fergusferret 2014-06-03 19:42
very basic block movement with strange ways to make them move I have to agree with jairone on all he says. fun is not a part of this game at all

+1 #1 Jairone 2014-06-03 18:00
The basic gameplay isn't bad, if a little simple. However, this game ends up with a number of issues that annoy.
First, moving is poorly defined. It takes experimentation to learn that you can't click and drag, but have to click, release, and then click the direction you want to go. That's poor design, especially in not giving you those instructions!
Second, each possible solution is a point. That's right, you need to replay each level, covering 0,1,2, and 3 of the special spots in order to get all points. Because, you know, giving credit for them all when accomplishing the most difficult part is too common and logical.
Finally, when you do complete each set of 8 levels, which only requires 8 points to move on (a small blessing against a sea of completionist frustration,) you must click to open them up. Another pointless action that merely delays moving onward.
2/5... a working game, but a very annoying one. Lacking in that most required of game attributes... fun.

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