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Rating: 1.89/5 - 3420 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle, Action

Help three sheep find their way through the depths of space and return safely home. Use each of their unique abilities to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles in this epic physics based adventure.



In-Game Instructions.




#4 massimone 2013-12-22 17:48
simpatico ma non è il mio genere.
#3 fergusferret 2013-12-20 11:33
same things in this as the first and whilst the 3 sheep are in a space craft it doesn't show after the initial stage of getting out of the jars and out of that small place.

puzzles are ok but nothing new here to get excited about, unless you are a big fan of shaun the sheep.

#2 earth 2013-12-19 21:56
decent puzzle but basicallt same as 1st game except new enviroment, puzzles are somewhat easy but getting socks or other objects ain't, nice graphics (same as in 1st game) and sounds and music (both as in 1st game).

overall nice puzzler but only difference to new game is new enviroment.
#1 MisterD 2013-12-19 15:30
Reasonable puzzle-based game featuring 3 different sized sheep from the UK TV show Shaun The Sheep. Each sheep has different abilities which are used in various ways to solve the puzzles. The game basics are all well done and there are a number of achievements to aim for (if you can maintain your interest long enough). Overall though, there's nothing new or special about this game.


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