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Rating: 2.79/5 - 6160 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle

Spread your virus to all cells in the level







#4 MisterD 2013-12-03 18:21
Nothing special.
#3 fergusferret 2013-08-17 20:48
utter crap of a game with the cpu having way easier options to get further than the player. cpu gets long lines of colours to pick up and player gets 1 or 2 to start with. replaying a lot of times may help change this but for this type of game that is a yawn fest and so low marks from me.

#2 earth 2013-08-15 20:03
not my type of game, too much depends on luck aka what blocks are next to virus (especially against ai) if can finish lvl within turns limit or win lvl if against ai, nice graphics with ok sounds, plus from easy gameplay.

overall nice game but too much depends lvl's layout (especially in 2 board lvls and vs ai lvls).
#1 Jairone 2013-08-15 09:10
The game is a decent control game. The random nature of the colors detracts from the feeling of skill involved, and makes anyone wanting to get high scores have to refresh levels a lot! That, and the fact that restarting takes 3 mouse clicks makes the game far more annoying than it needs to be.
The main strategy needed is to get as far from your starting spot as possible asap. That means if you don't have long strings leading away near it, you might as well start over (you will likely lose computer competition matches if that happens anyway.)
However, in order to get a good point score you also need the points tile to be within 1-3 moves, have 150 on it not 100 (again, random), preplan the order of attack, and especially if you are on a computer competition level it has to be as close as possible. This, of course, has to be combined with the long strings leading away (and on levels where the map is split you need to get them going in multiple directions.)
Beyond that, the game itself is fairly short.
For simple play to beat the levels, I give it a 3/5. Nothing special, but it's decent. From that I suggest a downgrade to 2.5 due to the shot level list, the random nature of the colors, and the required refresh spam to get good scores.

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