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Rating: 1.75/5 - 4827 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle, Action

You are a former space marine named Adam. Your wife Eve has been kidnapped by evil forces and you're going to rescue her! Go through a dangerous labyrinth, push blocks, solve difficult puzzles on your way to the aim!



In-Game Instructions.




+1 #4 jpankako 2013-06-08 17:54
Straightforward and well made puzzle game. Starts easy and gets challenging as game proceeds. A good brain teaser, but only as long as you can continue being interested in moving blocks in tight spaces...
#3 Ursobur 2013-06-07 22:43
Old DOS Sokoban was way better :lol:
#2 earth 2013-06-07 20:16
only action apparently is moving blocks, decent puzzler but its bit stupid that room gets reseted if goes to other room, puzzles are quite stupid also, nice graphics, no much sounds.

overall crappy puzzler with stupid and boring puzzles.
#1 Jairone 2013-06-07 19:03
Pure puzzle, no action. "On your way to the aim"... seriously? Somebody tried too hard to be clever in their use of English, and failed hard!
The puzzles work well, although they are pretty much the same order of operations and figure out the logic of the teleporters that are so very prevalent.
3/5, mediocre puzzler.

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