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Rating: 2.59/5 - 3520 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle

Draw a line with your mouse (clicking or dragging). Happy guys want to stay on the screen, annoyed guys want to leave the screen, sad guys want to find their friends.



Just draw a line to help these guys.




#5 MisterD 2016-03-19 08:29
Nice and simple puzzle game, that is aimed at a younger audience.

It's easy to play, the sounds are all good and it will keep you entertained for a short while.

Give it a go!

+1 #4 earth 2012-07-02 21:15
played this elsewhere a while ago, nice puzzle with nice graphics and sounds. some puzzles require bit thinking (trial and error) but otherwise those are easy.
-1 #3 Eleonora2 2012-07-02 16:22
Agree with both earlier remarks. Even getting the stars is quite easy really. One could try for highest score (shortest line) but not motivated to do so.

It's ok and didn't see any bugs so 3/5 from me too
+1 #2 harrier0 2012-07-02 13:36
fun, simple puzzles for kids really. Nothing difficult here apart from silly mistakes when drawing your line when you get over confident :oops: 3/5
+1 #1 fergusferret 2012-07-02 10:39
very simple puzzle game with no real difficulty even on the hard levels. just draw a line that will allow the yellows to stay on the screen, greens to stay on until they touch and the grays to leave the screen. you get 1 line and you can move the mouse and click an area to extend the line rather than having to try drawing as that gives a straight line ;-)

the line can go all over the screen in many directions. it just has to be continuous :P


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