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Rating: 2.50/5 - 5337 Plays
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Genre: Adventure, Point and Click

Take a trip through your memories in Cube Escape: Seasons. Enter a small house in the spring 1964…



Interact with objects by using your mouse. Select items and use them on the screen.




#5 jpankako 2015-12-14 10:17

...interesting. First of all, the title to this game is all wrong. This is the sequel to "Seasons" called "Rusty Lake". Whether the sequel then is worth playing is another story: the one that you should try is the Seasons. That one is well made and has a story - this is something else & not too finished.

Anyway, there is more than just one ending to the story. There are two chests, both with gems that when used lead to different endings. However, the clue to opening the other chest can not be found in this sequel.

If you're a keen fisher, eager to knife things and observant enough to look for crowbar-sized cracks in walls, you can get through this without the walkthrough spoiler. However, to finish this successfully, you also need to have played the other cube escape - which is worth playing. As a standalone game, this is not much to talk about. As a sequel, also a letdown.

#4 EatMyChili 2015-05-14 17:56
I don't understand the end of this game. I played with no sound so maybe I missed something but, wasn't worth the effort.
#3 fergusferret 2015-05-13 10:53
no clues as to what you are supposed to do unlike some in this genre. I have seen worse but not many and also seen a lot better examples.

#2 MisterD 2015-05-12 22:19
I got part way through and then gave up and watched the walkthrough and I still don't get how you're supposed to solve some of that stuff with no help.

Yes the game is nicely done, but it's not obvious and makes for a poor game.

Not the worst, but definitely not the best.

#1 earth 2015-05-12 20:43
weird and apparently pointless escape-game, player needs to do few things to get all items needed and then do few things more and then do 1 thing to get finish (weird and pointless), decent graphs etc.

overall weird game which doesn't make sense at all.

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