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Rating: 2.82/5 - 11506 Plays
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Genre: Adventure, RPG

Dreaming Knight: The Little Hero. An RPG/Bullet Hell/Brawler mashup from indie developer team Spotcos! Based off a Ludum Dare project made in 72 hours. Smash hordes of monsters, dodge endless waves of bullets, collect gold and upgrade your gear on your quest to defeat the three evil bosses (bullies) and save the princess (hot teacher). In this dream world, YOU are the hero!



WASD - Move; Left Click - Swing Sword; Right Click/Space - Shoot Arrow; F1 - Fullscreen (recommended!)




-1 #2 earth 2015-01-18 21:14
nice game othgerwise but collecting coins should be automatic instead char running around screen collecting those and trying to avoid enemies and their bullets, also moving speed seems to drop once upgrades sword, sword is needed early and once gets few upgrades to bow then game comes much easier (and might be easier to use space to shoot arrows and aim with mouse), nice graphics and rest.

overall nice game with few flaws.
-1 #1 fergusferret 2015-01-18 01:10
played it got to the end and all it does is start over again ... no real replay value unless you want all the upgrades and to be honest I do not see a reason to play again. it was made in 72 hours and it shows. at least you can use the arrows to move with mouse to use sword or arrows... best bet is arrows which is right click on mouse. 10 minutes at best to beat this

3/5 for the fact is gives adapted movement keys and it works.

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