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Rating: 2.30/5 - 8869 Plays
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Genre: Adventure, Point'n Click

Loosely based on The Sagittarian. This story takes place in the same event, but a different location, with different characters. I tried to keep things fast paced and the story trees short. It’s meant to just be some quick fun and not the heavy investment of the previous games.



Simple point and click interactive story comicbook.




#3 MisterD 2014-08-16 21:15
Like the others have said, this is not really a game and more of a point-and-click comic story book.

The graphics are okay. It's a simple enough time waster, without being brilliant.

+1 #2 earth 2014-07-16 19:55
not exactly a game instead story where player's choices decidé what happens in story and either story ends soon or bit later, dumb thing is that if zombies catch party then needs to start from beginning, not bad graphics and music.

overall decent storybook but starting from beginning everytime dies bites bottom.
+1 #1 fergusferret 2014-07-16 10:00
simple but not really a game as such... more like a book adventure where your follow the numbers and get an ending different with each new turn of the pages.


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