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Rating: 1.75/5 - 8376 Plays
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Genre: Adventure, Other

Go into the mind of The Mind..



arrows to walk; space to jump and double jump




#6 simja 2014-10-19 00:27
What the heck? This is kind of difficult to play due to the lack of perspective or 3d perspective.
The music is catchy though. I do like that.

#5 MisterD 2014-07-02 20:24
I agree with all the previous comments really. This is a basic platform game that suffers badly from a poor perspective when playing.

Overall it's below par.

#4 earth 2014-06-15 20:49
stupid platformer where viewpoint makes game too difficult and that leads char either walks to death or jumps to death.

overall avoid this unless you are hc platformer.
#3 fergusferret 2014-06-15 11:53
very simple platformer with a strange 2D experience in a 3D game attempt. the 3D didn't work very well but the game is short and I managed it within about 5 minutes so not too difficult either.

have to agree with both previous comments.

#2 DMs choice 2014-06-15 08:54
Thankfully short. That isometric view is - well, let me express it politely - unusual and challenging in a special way (specially challenged?!).
Yes, works well, but there are better and more interesting platformers out there. 2,5/5 stars.
+1 #1 Jairone 2014-06-15 06:20

A platformer that wants to be 3d, but is shown only with a low angle isometric view.

Carbon copy Mario bros. enemies and ice like in about 10000 other games.

Mayhaps a person who really like platform games would enjoy it, but for anybody else it will be less than entertaining.

2/5. Working, but no reason to care that it does.

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