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Rating: 1.93/5 - 4250 Plays
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Genre: Adventure, Point'n Click

Help the astronaut to escape from the colorful planets! 3 planets of fun. Great animations and unique style. Many passing options guarantees replay ability.







#5 DMC 2016-04-28 05:45
Nice little kid game, definitely entertaining to say the least. Don't know why everyone gave it a bad rate.

I give it 3/5
#4 chronicbman 2014-01-23 07:37
Nice Dr. Who reference. :lol:
#3 fergusferret 2014-01-23 01:12
very basic puzzle game that gets boring after a short time.

not sure I need to say more as others have said it all.

#2 MisterD 2014-01-22 23:27
Puzzle game where you have to solve problems in the right order to complete a level.

Just use the mouse to do simple point and click movement. The game is certainly well put together with some good graphics, but overall it seems like it is aimed at a younger audience.

Not something I'll be coming back to again.

#1 earth 2014-01-22 21:28
not bad game except somewhat pointless, finishing game is easy but getting all achievements is different thing, controlling is simple and occasionally player needs to use his/her gray matter, nice graphics and ok music.

overall ok game except boring and not much to do.

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