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Rating: 3.59/5 - 10887 Plays
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Genre: Adventure, Platform

Glean is a game of exploration, mining, and crafting. Take control of a mining robot and drill your way through planets for minerals. Some minerals are found at greater depths and appear more frequently on certain types of planets. Your minerals can be crafted into parts, converted into fuel, or used to repair your robot. You can only craft items in the ship at the surface of the planet, but your robot can be refueled or repaired at any time.






+1 #6 DMs choice 2013-01-28 17:08
Ooh, I found the end of the game.
And it alludes to another installment with upgrades that allow for aerial and aquatic exploration.
I hope they'll do this...
#5 DMs choice 2013-01-25 12:59
In the meantime I came to the conclusion that the constant danger of crashing I face with this game is actually an advantage. Otherwise I would cling to this for hours ;-)
As a mining game it is truly fantastic and has solved many of the problems others of its kind have (MegaMiner for example), in that they pretty soon reach their limits.
Basically, you can really DO something with the resources you harvest. Fuel and repair yourself, process your findings, build parts and components with them, to upgrade yourself. Instead of just mindlessly mining and selling them to just buy your upgrades, you must specifically look for the materials you need.
Also, that some resources require special "behaviors" to collect them, or pose dangers, is an interesting twist in my opinion.
As well is the fact, that the game "works" with gravity. Makes finding your way back to the surface a bit more challenging. But once you get the hang of that, it's actually quite easy.
Only thing I dislike is that assembling some of the upgrade's parts can become quite tedious.
I'll hand out 4/5 stars for this game.
#4 fergusferret 2013-01-20 15:59
very slow loader and slow in how it plays as well. BIG TIP don't drill in a straight line down or you may not get back up again. your robot can only jump one space and uses fuel to double the jump.

within its own parameters it is not too bad a game but there are others out there with better control of the mining and retrieval.

as a stand alone game it is good. there are lots of planets to choose from and each has a set of parameters to adhere to. it may even be that there are a lot of artifacts to find on each but as yet I am not sure on that.

try to gain enough materials to produce a fuel module as this will produce fuel and allow you to travel without having to use your mined materials

#3 earth 2013-01-17 21:21
nice mining game, nice graphics although dark and ok sounds and some music, ok controls, bad is need to find certain minerals before can buy certain structure/thing especially since those can be anywhere and too limited inventory and small fuel tank and can't be sure if there's minerals in rock or not since many are tiny.

overall well made digging game with some odfdities. fun for a while if likes this.
#2 DMs choice 2013-01-17 10:49
Why does this game constantly keep crashing?
I didn't have that problem while playing it on another site!
+1 #1 Jairone 2013-01-17 05:55
Oh my. This game is very well done, IMO.
There is a ton to do, and with random planets made as much as you want there isn't a limit on how many easy resources you can grab early on.
I'll have to see how it plays near end-game, but I'd give it a 4/5 so far.

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