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Rating: 2.21/5 - 4901 Plays
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Genre: Adventure, Platform

Action game in which you can use shuriken, katana and somersaults to take possession of the treasure of the castle. The enemies on your way are not a problem because the ninjas do not fear rivals. Use different weapons to get rid of them!






#4 fergusferret 2013-01-18 10:38
ok on a further try I have found a few things out.

1 if you do the double jump next to a wall you will be able to move your character towards the wall on the second jump to allow for a further jump and thus you get higher.., you have to keep the right arrow selected to do further jumps or you just come back down again.

2 there is an upgrade system in this but so far I have found it to be expensive and I am not sure it is worth the expense indicated.

3 there seems to be a sticking place as the first level (red castle) seems to be the only place available. I am not sure if this is the game or just my internet or computer as usual.
+1 #3 fergusferret 2013-01-16 21:56
not the best platform game out there. controls are a bit awkward and none responsive occasionally.

+1 #2 earth 2013-01-16 21:23
crappy controls (although arrows work too for movement but still jumping and attacking is bad), nice graphicx and ok sounds and niceish music, quite difficult to control character in air (which leads to jumping on enemies and death).

overall nice game but controls are too crappy.
+1 #1 DMs choice 2013-01-16 10:47
Standard action platformer, as far as I can see.
With controls that are pretty much for the bucket.
Guess you can get used to them if you like the game, but I dont find it too interesting and a bit...jerky.
For a good action platformer I'd rather recommend Cactus McCoy ;-)

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