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Rating: 2.71/5 - 4125 Plays
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Genre: Adventure, Platform

Collect as many gems as you can in this demo of Nitrome's upcoming puzzle platformer. Use your magic ladder to solve puzzles and fight monsters. Grab a friend to solve puzzles together or explore separately.



In-game tutorial.




-2 #2 fergusferret 2012-11-07 12:41
complicated demo with lots going on and places where it really needs 2 of you to do it when it says 1 should be good enough to do it all and 2 can if they want to. that is a bit misleading in my book.

some of the levels do not seem to make much sense. difficulty seems to increase for every subsequent level done as if it is a test to see when you end up not being able to continue.
-2 #1 earth 2012-11-06 21:06
just a demo otherwise not bad game, nice idea but too much going from 1 sreen to other and back, some screens require good timing which is difficult and some are just annoying, ok graphics (good enuf) and sounds and music same.

overall nice game but too much going back instead forward and no jumping is big minus and same thing applies to no attacking (besides making ladders).

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