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Rating: 3.62/5 - 8540 Plays
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Genre: Action, Rpg Elments

Set in the same universe with the Original Ge.ne.sis game, Wings of Genesis is a side-scrolling shooting game with a heavy touch of RPG influence. Players can pick one of the 3 main characters to begin the adventure and blast through waves of bosses and enemies!



Your character will follow your mouse.

Hold down left mouse button to shoot


Press the A Key to toggle Auto-Attack

Switch weapon with Number 1 or Key Z

Use special skill with Number 2 or Key X

Use items with Number 3 to 6 or Key C,V,B,N.

Pause game with Space Bar.

Use arrows or WASD for move.



#3 fergusferret 2017-06-14 14:35
sorry but the description says this is a side scroller and yet they claim it also has rpg elements??? simple side scrolling game with the usual upgrades and costs.

#2 harrier0 2012-03-02 14:32
Sorry to say that this is not my cup of tea. A side scrolling shooter with upgrades that seems to be the same as many others.3/5
-1 #1 sg_hariharan 2010-10-26 06:35
best best


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