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Rating: 1.86/5 - 3775 Plays
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Genre: Action , Fighting

Take up your sword, bathe your enemies in thunder, steel and mist! Armed with Wings is a dilapidated world waged in war, how long can you survive? Rearmed Trials offers a wild taste of it’s Steam counterpart, Armed with Wings Rearmed. Battle it out against the horde of Imperials. Collect weapon pickups to boost your stats. Trials features robust and layered combat system – get massive combos and high scores! Strange mouse lag seems to occur in FireFox. If encountered, try switching browser.






#2 fergusferret 2016-11-02 01:14
well going into options means you have to restart the page again so that is bugged to start with. none of the controls work for getting out of the options menu and there are no adaptive keys so you are stuck with the characters the coder set, which does not always work well on other keyboards. points deducted both times so far.

unfortunately i got into the game and i have to say i fail to see a reason for this game. it has no goal, the only upgrade is weapons with no real idea it these weapons actually are upgrades of not. then there is the issue of health upgrades, or even health regeneration of any kind. there are lots of possible issues with this game that pull it down. so far i am at as low as i can go in points within this gaming site so will stop there. the graphics and sounds may be pluses but they cannot lift this game from its level so far.

i now some will love this in the same way they love the other games in the series but for me this is not worth the effort.

#1 earth 2016-10-31 20:41
decent fighting game except char can't jump which makes avoiding enemies difficult, char gets "xp" by hitting enemies and filling bar gives new weapon (any differences on damage is hard to say), char can dodge or do basic attack or power attack, apparently endless waves so no plot, nice b&w graphs and decent sounds.

overall decent game but WHEN gets caught between 2 enemies means that game is over.

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