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Rating: 1.83/5 - 3890 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooter

It's done! Made in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare -ldjam 36-. The theme was Ancient Technology, so I went with Steampunk-ish setting. The game isn't well optimized for flash as it was intended to run on a window exe format, so please excuse some bugs and slowdown here and there.



You can edit the controls in the options menu to some alternatives. Arrows: Move; Shift: Jump; Control: Shoot; \: Change Weapon; Space: Dash - you can also dash by pressing down and fire - Dashing makes you invincible Dash through enemies, bosses and bullets! You can change the controls to different types in the options menu.




#2 fergusferret 2016-09-13 19:18
cannot play this on a mac as the controls used make the computers screen jump about all over the place getting small and then big and moving about so even though it is claimed the keys are adjustable I am not so sure this is a good game. some of the so called upgrades are about as good as having butter smeared all over a ski and trying to us it to ski down a sand dune.

basic but lots of flaws is about all I agree with here.

sorry but this is a bin fodder game

2/5 .. only because there are a lot of worse games out there.
#1 earth 2016-09-12 19:47
nice 90s clone game otherwise but default controls leave alot to be desired and if happens to press alt then it takes awhile to get char under control, several weapons (sadly no free selection) and plenty of different kind of enemies and bosses, big plus that game has unlimited lives since player can die alot, nice early 90s graphics etc.

overall nice game but has some flaws and idiocies.

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