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Rating: 2.23/5 - 3458 Plays
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Genre: Action, Rpg Elements

You are an undead gardener willing to destroy human armies. Use death seeds to grow bone trees which can pierce enemies ar turn into undead skeletons who will fight for you.



Keyboard. In-game instructions




#5 MisterD 2016-03-08 23:26
I can see that the others think that this game has some future potential.

That may well be true. However, as it stands right now this game is just terrible.

Sorry, but there's no need to bother with this one.

#4 DMs choice 2016-03-03 14:37
This game HAS no objective, right? :-?
#3 earth 2016-03-02 20:49
nice hack and slash otherwise but not much to do and no any kind of upgrades and helpers spawn way too rarely and withstand too little dmg, decent graphs etc.

overall nice game but needs further development or game will end up being xth game in dozen similar.
#2 jpankako 2016-03-02 19:52
Beautiful artwork, fluid movement using just few simple lines. Controls would require some more work - but as this is not yet a ready game, rather a beginning of a game, I'll wait for the next development version...
#1 fergusferret 2016-03-02 13:13
lots of potential but with this being a speed contest entrance it is missing lots of content that would lift it out of the grosse pile of crap that is the space most speed merchants send their games into.

all game is set to zxc controls and no adaptive keys but arrows work form movement so there is a bit of adaptive thought in that mix. just not sure is that is for a truly playable game for all or is just a crappy thought that using both hand s needs to be on both ends of the keyboard.

2/5 because this is a speed contest item and thus not the greatest thoughts put into it. some potential but i doubt it will be worked on again for the game to shine.

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