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Rating: 2.62/5 - 3614 Plays
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Genre: Action, Rpg Elements

Fall through 20 different stages and try to survive and fight off monsters. Choose special abilities and easily change combinations of abilities.



Keyboard. In-game instructions




#6 MisterD 2016-02-29 23:19
This is essentially a reverse distance game. See how far you can get falling, instead of the usual climbing or flying.

It plays okay, but it's just not that interesting after a few minutes.

Better choices are available.

#5 jpankako 2016-02-14 23:23
Have to ask Jairone advise on the "almost too easy" builds, since I'm stuck on final levels. Well made timewaster, but does not really offer much after the first minutes. You fall down - which by the way is much duller than for instance ski down the hill - and avoid obstacles. Using the powerups does add some additional elements but only for a short while. As such, well made game - but keeps you entertained only for a short while.
#4 fergusferret 2016-02-12 23:30
a time waster that is not too bad and is a definite difference to the usual type of game in this genre. it doesn't really appeal to me but the way it works.
#3 earth 2016-02-11 22:21
decent fall game with upgrades, easy to play and keeps player somewhat interested, nicish graphs etc.

overall decent timewaster which entertains enuf.
#2 Jairone 2016-02-11 20:22
Almost too easy if you consider certain optimal builds.

I do like that they took the idea of climbing in reverse. That was new, and anything new is nice!

Consider the various abilities and how you want to approach the game. Starting destructive early is a good way to advance levels quickly, but you don't need to as you gain levels nicely from just falling further. The skill system allows you to experiment, and a few stages have some tactics which are much better than others.

Overall I say 3/5. It works, it has a few new ideas, but it isn't all that challenging or exciting. Still a decent short game for what it is!
#1 EatMyChili 2016-02-11 15:55
Challenging and different from what I've seen before. A good time-waster.

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