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Rating: 3.80/5 - 3871 Plays
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Genre: Action, Other

An angry ice giant attacked our peaceful islands this morning. All villagers were frozen. We will not sit idly by! Save your Viking comrades from captivity and free all the islands! This is unique strategic action-runner about Vikings! Upgrade your team, your islands, collect powerful troops and defeat the ice giant in an epic battle!



Explained in game.




#2 earth 2015-04-04 20:09
nice game although quite grindy to get money for upgrades (troop and island) since at least early on taxes islands pay are drop in ocean (and overtaxing leads to revolting) so more moneyholes than money gotten w/o grinding, plenty of units with different abilities, very nicish graphics and music and decent sounds (not that many).

overall nice game to spend couple hrs (if likes genre and doesn't mind grinding).
#1 fergusferret 2015-04-04 17:36
very much a strategy game rather than an action game. there is no real action for you to take other than set yur troops up and select attack. upgrades are available and all gold spent is used in upgrading your level and thus the number of troops you can use in battle.

use gold to upgrade your troops and the islands to gain better fighters and more tax revenue.


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