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Rating: 3.00/5 - 5072 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooter

Be a pirate captain and set sail on a voyage in search of unthinkable treasures. Trade goods, rob others and battle enemy ships (and sea monsters)!



In-game Tutorial.




#4 MisterD 2014-12-06 23:53
Second version of this action shooter pirate game. the first one can be found here on AoG (http://www.ageofgames.net/en/free-action-games/2007-pirateers.html).

This game is well done and has plenty of upgrades available if you want to improve your ship. The graphics and game play are an improvement on the first game, but overall it didn't do enough to hold my interest.

Worth a play.

#3 earth 2014-12-06 20:49
nice game but pretty much same as 1st game (at least early on no differences), annoying tutorial so better just skip it and learn by playing, plenty of things to do, nice graphics and rest.

overall nice game but pretty much same as 1st game.
#2 fergusferret 2014-12-06 14:17
simple game with a few new bits compared to the lest version. a few strange sea castles appearing with random alliance is one. way too easy to get killed by hitting a randomly placed island and some of the quests seem to want you to negotiate these close islands to get to the quest item you are supposed to be destroying. no real goal at the end of the game this time just kill and gain gold an infinitum

#1 Jairone 2014-12-06 04:50
Not a terrible game, per say, just rather boring after a bit. It's far too easy to turn away from shots, and the computer is rather stupid (running into land and killing itself, allies killing each other, etc.)
Very similar to the first, but with a lot more attempts at monetization.
2/5, not really great at anything, but it functions. I really wish I could like the game better, but the flaws stand out more than the good.

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