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Rating: 3.09/5 - 4627 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooter

Shoot the Zombies!



Mouse.In-Game Instructions.




#4 DMs choice 2014-09-24 21:19
If you're looking for simple, mindless zombie shooting action, you found the right place! Don't expect an elaborate story, complex gameplay or breathtaking graphics. Just rushing through corridors and blasting the undead. But in that it is well and functionally made, quite the right thing to let off some steam.
Could be a bit longer, I think. Though the need to grind extends the game a bit.
I had fun with it, but I didn't expect more from it than it delivered either. So 3/5 from me.
#3 MisterD 2014-09-24 20:45
First person shoot-em-up with zombies.

As the movement is all done for you, all you really have to do in this game is aim and shoot the bad guys. When you die (or run out of ammo), you get the chance to upgrade your kit and try again.

If you're in the mood for some mindless zombie-killing fun then give it a go.

+1 #2 earth 2014-09-24 20:24
somehow I think this is repost but not listed under action games.

anyways normal corridoor zombieshooter aka walk and shoot zombies until you ran out of health or ammos and then upgrade and/or buy stuff, prices are low but money isn't given generously either so player replays levels quite a much, normal enemies aka each type withstands more damage than other and of course big bad boss in the end, nice graphs etc.

overall nice game but nothing new in genre and not that interesting either, if wants to finish game then it takes hrs.
+1 #1 fergusferret 2014-09-24 19:29
almost a point and click game with nothing to do other than press to kill and when dead buy new upgrades and ammunition, ready for the next round of killing.

not really my type of game and while it works quite I got bored with it quite quickly.


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