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Rating: 3.17/5 - 4254 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooter

Defense-Shooter. Different enemies (3 fractions: air, water, earth), bosses, weapon, upgrades. Nonlinear walkthrough.



1 – Select Bullet. 2 – Select Rocket. 3 – Select Laser. ESC, SPACE, P – Pauses the game.




#4 jpankako 2014-07-14 12:05
This game has a bit of a balancing problem when it comes to difficulty... Proceeding past a certain point requires upgrading weapons to max and acquiring new weapons: no matter how skilled you are in maneuvering and timing your shots, you need to replay games to collect enough gold to upgrade. Once you manage to collect all the upgrades, the challenge is reduced to ensuring that your mouse button stays pressed down and that your cursor doesn't leave the screen area. You don't actually even need to do that - and I tested this out.

Once maxed, your reinforcements will:
1) kill all the bad guys BY THEMSELVES
2) they'll even finish the final level
3) and they do it at the best, gold star level

Yes, you can move around and take part in the process but it is isn't really even needed. Talk about empty victory...... :(
#3 earth 2014-07-13 19:49
Quoting fergusferret:
no idea how weapons are upgraded but it would be nice if you could change the weapons for the best for the levels being played.

1. you can upgrade weapon by clicking that box where reads speed/damage/etc.

2. yuou can change weapon during level by pressing 1 etc.
#2 fergusferret 2014-07-12 00:16
over all not too bad a game but with the ship stopping firing if you leave the area with your cursor it makes this a very difficult game. no idea how weapons are upgraded but it would be nice if you could change the weapons for the best for the levels being played.

2/5 ...
#1 earth 2014-07-11 20:23
very nice but also later very difficult (especially if wants to get all gold stars) space invaders clone, mouse isn't best possible controller for this game and autofire would be nice, early levels are easy and late levels are hellish and each element has their own big bad boss, 3 weaps to be upgraded and moving speed and also 2 helpers, to get money for upgrades player needs to replay levels, very nice graphics and sounds and music.

overall very nice shooter but last few levels (and last boss) are quite hectic, weapons are nice and each have their uses although fire is used mostly.

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