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Rating: 1.30/5 - 3205 Plays
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Genre: Action, Platform

Enter the randomly-generated castle labyrinths of Shadow Haven to defeat the dark forces of evil that lurk within. Find permanent power-ups to aid you in your 4-legged quest, but be careful… one false step will start you over from square-one in this roguelike platformer! Compete for the highest score by crawling through the most dungeons! Try FULLSCREEN mode for total immersion!



A = Jump; S = Attack; D = Grenade/Missile (if you have a weapon and ammo); P = Pause; R = Reset; M = Go to Main Title Screen; F = Toggle Fullscreen Mode; Toggle Sound = (available from pause menu)




#5 MisterD 2014-07-10 22:41
Terrible platform game.

The standard key controls are so bad, the graphics are so basic and the plinky-plinky music is so poor! To top it all off there are ads in the middle of the game!


#4 Jairone 2014-07-06 22:20
Adverts in combat, along with terrain that leaves you stuck, make for a pretty bad experience, as everybody else noted!

Why isn't there a negative number set upon the scale for these?
#3 earth 2014-07-06 20:25
yea aog has this game added already (under labyrinth sos), otherwise not bad platformer but even with customized controls its not easy to get char where wanted, places where to jump are quite often tight which makes jumping difficult, there are boxes/chests (those contain ammos etc)and enemies to be destroyed and sometimes enemies drop boxes on death, due landscape its possible to get into position where can't get out so needs to restart (which is needed to do after death too and if dies against boss then needs to restart from prev. lvl, not bad graphics and rest.

overall decent platformer but difficulty is set high due crappy landscape.
+1 #2 fergusferret 2014-07-06 09:43
sorry but a game with adverts in the game play that are going to get you killed if you are in combat at the time are a big NO NO. this has adaptable controls but they are a bit awkward even so with it fully keyboard controls. as for the rest ... we have had this before but without the adverts in gameplay I think.

+1 #1 DMs choice 2014-07-06 07:51
Didn't we have that already? :o

Edit: I get ads brought in during active gameplay?! WTF?! That's more than annoying. This game won't see me again.

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