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Rating: 2.70/5 - 4725 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooter

What should be a normal day at the office becomes shattered by a zombie invasion! In the flash-game Pillow City you have to help our hero named Hiro to find his way through a dangerous and zombie invested city. Help him find his little sister and escape from this godforsaken place.



Use the keyboard to play the game. W,A,S,D keys to move. L to loot/action/open doors. E to loot all. K to attack. See in-game instructions.




+1 #7 jpankako 2014-06-29 09:23

I've reached the final (or at least I assume so since nothing new has popped up in ages indicating that there still would be something to find) battle. My hero has reached the max level 50, my partners are at levels 49,48,47 - so there still is some possibility to improve my group stats - and some last achievements for killing sufficient amount of monsters are yet to be collected. I've built all the buildable stuff (or has anyone come across animal skulls to craft a hunter's helmet) and visited the Moo doctor so many times I've lost count.

However, the big monster at last bridge crossing is so far from caving in that I doubt that even with the last incremental improvements left to achieve I'd be able to defeat him. Even now, I need to pay attention with every skirmish to position correctly, switch between weapons, and remember to watch ammo stats / reloads so that I don't get hurt. The impact of armor seems to be negligible, only thing that counts is weapon damage and correct aim at correct distance. Since the ultra big gun has only three shells and reloads slowly, I can't get enough shots put to the last big guy to wipe him off.

After three days of gameplay, I give in. At least for now. ;)
+1 #6 jpankako 2014-06-25 06:51
- EDIT -

I've now managed to reach level +30 and the game starts getting repetitive. My entire possy has reached levels +20 but we still get killed ridiculously easy - although not anymore by the plain zombies but by the fishmonsters, screamers, vomiters, what have you... Some hints for those of you who are just considering to start:

- proceed with caution ;) i.e. don't rush
- when attacking/defending against enemies, note that you need to be aligned with them. Shadows on the ground help before you get familiar with it
- all weapons have their range: sniper rifles shoot and kill even outside the screen, assault weapons at screen radius, firearms closer, and melee weapons at arms length
- respectively, weapons with long distance don't work in close range - if zombies get close, switch to melee
- once you start getting company, things will ease up. If you have patience, proceed slowly and let Bob kill the enemies at sniper distance. You'll also save in ammo costs & start upgrading more easy.
- notice that your comrades switch direction / aim when you move: your position affects also theirs - in intense battle, watch out so that suddenly you are not the only guy facing the enemy
- as soon as you start getting company, also zombies start getting smarter and attack you from side and behind: any door or window can suddenly burst open, so have your melee weapon ready & regularly check your rear
- don't worry about losing your sidemen during the battle: if their health gets low, they will just flee the battle and you can revive them at camp or with potions during the city ride
- you can upgrade your skills and health ( and your comrades health as well) during the city rides: remember to use that option
- moving in battle screens works with arrows as well, but the car moves only with WASD
- DON'T accept the challenge to clear out the way to the harbor (end of chapter 2) before you have reached close to level 30 and armed yourself with best guns available (laser sword, magnum, super mega hyper gun / minigun). Remember to visit the doctor for full health and stack up serious ammo before you start your journey.
- remember to ALWAYS save when you have a chance. The hero is very vulnerable and just as you think you've leveled high enough, you'll get slashed open with a meat cleaver, dagger, or a set of bloody teeth.
- Good luck!!
+2 #5 jpankako 2014-06-23 17:24

Very likely the hardest game I've played for a long, long time. Developers have packed this game with so many details (and have not seen necessary to document them properly) that it takes quite a while to master - which at level +20 I still haven't been able to do - all the elements of the game.

Good thing however is that you can get going rather easily - WASD or arrow controls to move, K to kill, L to loot, 1-3 to switch between weapons, and SPACE to use the rage feature.

Expect to get killed often, especially in the beginning - so save the game whenever you can. After the initial round, the plot is roughly the following: you're helping a group of survivors to build their camp in a zombie-pestered city. You take on various challenges, drive around the city in your car, rescue people - in the beginning key support characters, then your little sister and your girlfriend, then eventually start building up your own assault team to help you start cleaning the city from zombies. In the process, you upgrade your skills, your vehicle, loot buildings to collect tradeable items and recipies for better weapons, etc.

The game is extremely hard and very unforgiving. Taking on too challenging tasks (it's the old wise man that tries to fool you into this) too early on in the game can lead you into battles that you're simply too weak / too poorly equipped to handle. Complete all other quests before you accept new ones from the camp leader and you may just be able to finish this... ...but expect to get killed several times in the process.

Very hard to grade this - several unfinished elements and the inability to back out from practically impossible scenarios are clear negatives, but at the same time the complexity and depth of the game are very exceptional to this sort of a freebie.
#4 MisterD 2014-04-12 22:45
The hero character doesn't seem to have a lot of health, so get's killed really quickly.

The key controls are not the best and the pace of the game is really slow.

In fact, I can't think of a single good thing to say about this game.

I won't be coming back!

#3 earth 2014-04-08 21:38
game isn't as bad as fergus and dm say but its not much better due its very slow paced which leads to player not advancing much even after playing ~30 mins, alot places to go searching stuffs and plenty of stuff (maybe little less would been better) to be found and also survivors, alot quests to do and stats can be upgraded bit (sadly only when in camp), nice graphics with decent sounds.

overall ok game which has bit awkward controls (mouse is most of time w/o use when it could have been used to search etc, arrows used for moving don't help much), advancing happens very slowly so alot time is needed if wants to finish game.
#2 DMs choice 2014-04-08 15:44
Oh, THAT one... :-?
Totally forgot to put it in the "Games NOT to suggest"-thread, so hard did it bore me...

#1 fergusferret 2014-04-08 12:56
annoying graphics and annoying wasd controls that seem to be convertible only in part. loses points on these.

controls are bad so loses point here as well ... not sure this guy would live past a day with so low stamina.


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