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Rating: 3.08/5 - 3949 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooter

The Motherland needs you… again! Some strange activity is detected in the North so grab your guns, rockets and grenades and secure the territory. About face! MARCH!



Use mouse or keyboard to move.Click or hit Space to use Skill.




#5 MisterD 2014-01-13 22:58
A move and shoot-em-up game, with simple movement controls. There are upgrades and extra weapons that can be unlocked by collecting stuff, plus a set of missions to be completed. The graphics, sounds and music are all reasonable.

Well done overall, so should keep you interested if you like this kind of game.

#4 earth 2014-01-04 21:08
some (many) achievements are stupid like run 1500 meters w/o getting allies (basically whole map is needed to run) and drive car 700 meters in 1 run (did that few times during early ranks but later (after getting other achievements) its nearly impossible) and run 150 secs (well over kilometer) w/o leader getting injured (also later part of game) is also basically impossible.
#3 earth 2014-01-03 22:01
nice game but basically same as 1st game, idea is simple kill or get killed and collect things (soldiers, money, health packs and stars) while walking, soldiers can't withstand much damage (and game gets quite difficult after ~700 meters) and there are alot bases etc which shoot either to multiple directions or quickly, plenty of upgrades and achievements (give extra money and upgradepoints), nice graphics and quite nice sounds and music.

overall pretty much same game as 1st, difficulty really ramps up after gets pass 500 meters and surviving beyond 1000 meters is purely luck, healthpacks could be dropped more.
+1 #2 massimone 2014-01-03 19:02
purtroppo i comandi rispondono in ritardo.
#1 fergusferret 2014-01-03 11:18
basic attack everything game until you are killed and then try again. upgrades are basic again and you collect men on the way but if you lose the one with the star you lose, regardless of the number of others you have.

auto move so you just move to where on the screen you want to be and the attackers are random so you may find riflemen against a helicopter in the first attempt. some of the upgrades are not quite as useful as they may seem.

if you are up for achievement collecting then this is for you as there are quite a few to get.


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