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Rating: 2.00/5 - 3219 Plays
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Genre: Action, Platform

When you get trapped in your own computer game and the cyber tunnel starts to cave in, your run begins. Unlock achievements and collect powerups along the way!



In-Game tutorial.




#3 MisterD 2013-12-17 21:16
Rather simple running game where the only controls are up and down. There are achievements to aim for, but collecting them will not keep you interested for more than a few minutes. Reasonably well programmed, but lacking that certain ... something.

#2 earth 2013-12-14 21:59
decent game although boring, map changes bit on every run, few achievements to get (some are easy and some require quite much playing), simple controls, few orbs to collect (and apparently red is 1 of those although no idea what it does since only (?) is in "bit" bad place), decent graphics and music.

overall decent game which gets boring quickly (achievements wonn't keep interest up).
#1 fergusferret 2013-12-14 19:28
odd and rather boring after a few attempts. all you do is jump or slide when needed to get past obstacles and collect orbs. not a lot more to say other than there are achievements but they are not quite as good as it may seem.


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