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Rating: 2.18/5 - 3766 Plays
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Genre: Action, Fighting

A knight with amnesia fights for the only thing he remembers: the love for his princess. In this unique blend of a card game and fighting, you challenge your foes to uncover the truth.



Click cards to flip them. Whenever you match two cards, the Knight performs that action.




#3 MisterD 2013-12-12 21:57
This is really just a simple card matching game, where you turn cards over and you have to remember where they are. Graphics and sound are okay, but the game is nothing special.

#2 earth 2013-12-12 21:21
very little action, alot finding matching pair of cards (last enemy is bit difficult due there are alot cards), overall difficulty is easy although few times enemies get streaks and pumnmel char quite a lot, easy gameplay and nice graphics and ok sounds and music.

overall nice but too short card game w/o any story (besides find princess) and only tough opponent is last if player doesn't get lucky when picking cards
#1 fergusferret 2013-12-12 10:39
action fighting this is not. a matching pairs card game is what this game is and it does it quite well for what it is. the game is short and not that difficult.

the game is way too short but the action as it could be called is not too bad. graphics are smooth and so is the play.

I would say this is more a taster game than a full blown version. put something in there at the start to show why this person is fighting and why the sword is supposedly removing memories as it is used.

not bad for what it is but not worth more than 3 tops and it has no real replayability.


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