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Rating: 1.27/5 - 3791 Plays
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Genre: Action, Fighting

You're a deformed freak child out to snatch candies from kids on Halloween night. Collect tons of candies, upgrade your abilities, fight bullies, dogs and eventually the final boss!



In-Game Tutorial.




#3 DMC 2016-04-22 12:15
I like the idea of this game, Graphics look good too, I just don't really like having to use the keyboard for controls. Wish it was mouse control.

Anyway, I give it a 3/5
#2 fergusferret 2013-11-07 00:36
someone may like this game but I am afraid I am not that someone. difficult controls but they are adaptable so you can play in your own style which means less of a point drop than I want to give it. movement is badly set up and it takes a lot of practice to get movement and attacking right to get the required candy for the level. have to agree with earth on the complication issue here as tutorial says one thing and the game takes a lot of practice to get close to being able to to half you are supposed to be able to do.

unfortunately even the adaptable controls do not take this mess above the lowest available mark.

#1 earth 2013-11-06 21:09
decent halloween themed action game, big problem that its dumb although idea is somewhat ok and has awkward controls (which are forgotten mostly after tutorial ends), attacking is somewhat simple although bit complicated, perks can be unlocked although its been made somewhat complicated, nice graphics and sounds and music.

overall decent game but awkward controls amongst other things drop game to low category.

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