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Rating: 1.70/5 - 3832 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooter

In this sequel of "10 Bullets", the objective remains the same : wait for the perfect spot and shoot to trigger massive chain reaction. And this time, upgrading your hero and collecting in game boosters will make it a total destruction.V1.1 Fixed a bug that freeze the screen and make it disappear. V1.2 Improved server for highscore, more time to grab stuff on the ground, small fixes







#3 jpankako 2014-06-09 11:29
Very simple shooter game that requires very little skill & very much luck. After the few upgrades have been maxed, there's very little to do but fire away the shot, hope for the best, and look at the beautiful fireworks. Sounds like a 1/5 game, but is a captivating timewaster. :) 3/5
#2 Jairone 2013-11-07 23:36
The game plays a little oddly IMO. It is very luck dependent.
1. Ships are not always on screen at all times with the base ship spawn. This leads to combos breaking it 2 ways from random structuring.
2. Drops are random, and grabbers always grab closest first. This means that you sometimes waste really awesome upgrades exactly when you need them (extra bullets, shoot for free hidden behind raining gold, etc.)
3. The timing of bonus waves is very random. On my best game (5k score range with 2 upgrades yet to buy) I had almost 2 minutes of waves near the start with about 50% uptime on special or mini waves. I got up to 14 bullets at some point (it seems to say 'nan bullets remaining XD)... but for the next 4-5 minutes of playing I saw a total of 3 mini-waves. AKA extremely random!
4. Due to spawn timing and levels of height, your shots can be made well but be a complete waste getting 4 points.

All in all, it isn't a bad game, but the random factor is so high that it is worthless beyond a simple time waster.
2/5, if the game supported a little less randomness and a little more player activity I might rate it higher... but this is essentially a more primal time waster than solitaire.
+1 #1 earth 2013-11-07 21:33
nice shooter except player doesn't need to do much since most of time game plays itself (when screen is filled with bullets going to every direction), amount of bullets is limited but those are dropped by some ships occasionally, helpers collect ships droppings (boosts and gold), sometimes player gets high score and sometimes not that high (same with gold), 4 upgrades and pricing starts fron low and end up high (not a big problem since quite often money is gotten quite much), ok graphics and nice sounds and music.

overall nice game but gets boring quickly since player can't do much and quite often player just sits and waits that shooting is useful.

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