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Rating: 1.55/5 - 3779 Plays
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Genre: Action,Shooter

Jim's hobbies include: chopping wood; eating his lunch; long walks by the sea; braiding pine cones into his beard and singing to his prized petunias...Now he's got a new hobby...(No, it's not skipping)Help Jim to survive against the hoards of undead using anything at his disposal.Complete objectives to progress to the next level.Get big kill streaks to deal extra damage.Kill special infected for bonus points.Slaughter zombies over four different levels.Upgrade your weapons to increase the carnage.



In-Game instructions.




#2 fergusferret 2013-11-06 07:58
bug for the cursor is bad but bog for starting levels is worse and you can be moving from tutorial to game and be stuck because game frezes. and movement is difficult. not really my type of game and as an aside this is the worst of this type of game I have come across with low ammo and very high health zombies making this another low rated game.

#1 earth 2013-11-05 21:37
decent zombieshooter otherwise but limited ammo is ftl (especially due more ammos can be gotten only by killing zombies), map is too small especially when there are alot zombies walking around, zombies withstand damage too well (bad due limited ammo), after a while player gets enuf ammos to be able to survive (somewhat since 5 zombie spawnpoints so ther can be alot zombies), weapons can be bought and upgraded and also explosives can be bought and health and health regen (sadly helps only between waves) can be bought but prices tend to be high, nice graphics and sounds and music.

overall decent zombieshooter but limited ammo and low damage until gets long killstreak means troubles, also game is bit buggy since at 1 point game lost mousecursor ingame which made upgrading "slightly difficult".

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