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Rating: 2.64/5 - 3909 Plays
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Genre: Action, Rpg Elements

Be a knight named Rocky to protect your kingdom from monster attacks. Razorflame sent monsters to seize your empire. Here you will protect the royal gate from the monster attacks. Let's continue to fight enemies so that the kingdom be safe. Increase the level of Rocky to be a greater hero. Buy a new sword in the store to get a new skill. Complete 24 levels in this game to prove that you are indeed a powerful hero. If you success to overcome the enemy attacks, your kingdom will be safe.



In-Game Tutorial.




#3 Jairone 2013-11-05 12:20
I detest the system used here.
There is no point in the one space movement for the character. You move unlimited times until you take another action, and then...
You wait. And wait. And maybe the enemies take their turn, but you are practically falling asleep from waiting. *Ok, it isn't that bad, but combat is REALLY slow.* The game just doesn't flow, and given what it is that just makes the game feel unappealing.
I'm just really unimpressed. You don't even need to play tactically here, as most enemies seem determined not to fight you intelligently. *Aka, gang up on you vice just running past if you aren't hitting them.*
That said, I would suggest maxing attack, then maxing special attack and mana. You really don't need defense much if you play smart (attack from top or bottom, avoid getting hit unless you need to in order to save the wall.) With maxed mana and sp attack you can 3 shot almost everything on the last maps with the lightning sword, which saves a TON of gold grinding. It simply is the strongest sword available (minus maybe the last sword, which is far too much gold to worry about!)
2/5, if only barely. This almost gets a 1/5 from me for sheer tedium. I don't mind a slow pace if there are reasons for it, but here there are none... just a really long timer for the computer's turn.
#2 earth 2013-11-04 21:18
what fedrgus said, grind, grind and grind early levels until char has leveled up alot and has bought few better armors and swords, some enemies die easily and some are tough to kill even with fully upgraded char with best equipment and worst enemies are casters who can hit char from long distance (apparently unlimitedly while char is limited by mana) and deadly.

overall nice game with nice graphics and sounds and music but its just grind and grind until has bought few upgrades and then grind more later to get best equipments aka money is big problem aka reward =/= prices and somewhat slow leveling up is problem.
#1 fergusferret 2013-11-04 17:58
very low cash rate even with the low cash needed for the weapons, armour and accessories it is way below what I would expect and so needs you to spam earlier levels to upgrade them and to also upgrade your character as it levels up. my suggestion is to upgrade your defence (second upgrade down the list for quite a bit first and then the strike damage before starting on the magical stuff at the bottom. at 5 coins per enemy hit and a low enemy count to start with you will have a long time to wait for those weapon upgrades in the shop.

I have yet to need the medical pack with my strategy but then I have spammed the levels a bit until there is a low chance of much damage per enemy. level 6 onwards has a few higher level enemies but with the same old 5 coin bounty I would suggest just playing the lower limits to the max out of your stats and weapons before moving too far forward. then again if you want variety in the game fields you will lose out there with the same small area of battle and the lower of the 3 lanes covered by the game logo and jump out options makes it difficult to get the enemies down there if you are not ultra careful.

all in all not the best of its type by a long stretch. 2/5

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