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Rating: 3.84/5 - 6922 Plays
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Genre: Action, Rpg Elements

Your mission in Baron's Gate is to obliterate all malevolent forces that is terrorizing the land. Gather gold to buy upgrades and go to the dangerous secret zones to search for loots. This fantasy-based game is set in the medieval era and will leave you immersed with its great graphics and deep game-play.



In-Game Instructions.




#4 MisterD 2014-10-08 21:02
Just tried this after playing Barons Gate 2 (http://www.ageofgames.net/en/free-action-games/3136-barons-gate-2.html).

This is a well developed game and you can see the minor improvements, especially around inventory management, that have been made in the second version.

#3 jpankako 2014-06-07 13:54
Funny action game that keeps in its hold for quite some time. Would have benefited from additional upgrade options and reduced gold farming capability - now the played maxes out very early on in the game and has loads of gold but very little use of it. Bonus rounds are still quite challenging so advanced weaponry would have been handy. One small bug with bosses, particularly on early rounds: you can pull back out of boss's range and still keep arrows pouring at him until he dies. 4/5
#2 earth 2013-09-10 20:18
quite nice game but again not rpg, not that difficult and money is easy to get (just goes from door which reads do not open and gets alot gold) but sadly old equipment can't be sold (so if pays 500 gold from armor/weapon and then finds better then it sux), most enemies are 1 hit to kill but some require multiple hits and also some enemies poison char and some fly and poison and some rush to attack char, char regenerates bit but still health potions are good to buy, swapping weapon to different is made bit difficult since weapon currently in use gets swapped, not much to collect during levels except gold and keys and weapons, nice graphics with ok sounds.

overall nice game and goldfarming makes it maybe too easy, there's bit delay when firing so player needs to remember that.
-1 #1 fergusferret 2013-09-10 16:34
very strange but playable game with lots of twists and turn but no real upgrades other than better weapons and better armour along with the usual potions as required.

the further away from from the bow your cursor is the further and more strength the attack use a shorter shot for enemies above you as the arrow will arc and hit from above if aimed right. same with some bosses (purple room comes to mind)

3/5 for a solid game

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