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Rating: 1.79/5 - 5245 Plays
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Genre: Action

Jump between train carriages on your hunt for an evil cowboy. Jump over and duck below obstacles, and shoot enemy gunslingers along the way.



In-game instructions.




#3 earth 2013-08-03 20:03
nice idea but that's it, player is quite often supposed to do 3 things at same time aka jump over obstacle and avoid enemy's fire and kill enemy and that's not easy since char doesn't jump high nor long (barely from 1 van to other), bossfight is nasty cause its difficult to see where char shoots and boss throws dynamites which need to avoid at the sametime as kill regular enemies and avoid obstacles, bit crappy controls, ok graphics with nice sounds and music.

overall ok game but way too easy to get sudden death (either misjump, gets shot or hits obstacle) and way too nasty bossfight (thx to obstacles etc).
#2 sylvan_surfer 2013-08-03 18:30
The game has a nice idea behind it. I think it could be really good with a few changes and some polishing.
. the controls are a bit quirky. Key binding was messed up and he kept shooting whenever I walked left or right.
. it's a bit fast paced. Has that gritty play to it, which I guess is what you wanted. Not a criticism, just an opinion.
. I think what Jairone said about dying randomly, I found out (at least in my gameplay) it's because I didn't jump over the posts that wizzed by. I didn't see them until dying a few times. I think it's a bit too hard to figure out at first.
. music, sounds and overall aesthetic is spot on. Cool.

2/5 but could be way better with some improvement. Solid concept and design imo.
#1 Jairone 2013-08-03 17:53
The controls do not respond properly at all times.
The train top is the only portion of the area that is allowed to be used, making for very limited strategy.
Occasionally you just die, without being shot, for no apparent reason.
1/5 from me for all of the above.

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