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Rating: 3.00/5 - 4370 Plays
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Genre: Action

An enemy cowboy has taken over your land. Jump on your horse and get revenge by robbing all his riches and defeating his men.



In-game instructions.




#3 fergusferret 2013-08-04 07:28
nice concept and plays smoothly I am not a fan however.

where you shoot at is not where it actually hits so shooting at the head will miss every time.

it loses points for the targeting problems but would have been 3 in total at best for me.

#2 Jairone 2013-08-02 23:37
I'd have to agree that the game overall is well done. It may be a little long winded in some of the fights, as some of the objectives and 'lawmen' feel like bosses.
I'd have to disagree about the best character. Sneaky D. (3) is probably the best in terms of just straight playthrough, with El Muerto (4) being the best overall. The 1st character merely unlocks all upgrades at the start of the game. The 2nd merely makes you a tiny bit harder to kill. The 3rd gives you a bonus point toward skills, weapons, or ally every time you beat any map. The 4th doubles your damage output.
With as many skill points as are needed for the best gun, saving early on is a good tactic. Focus on reload and hp regen... and then go for the gun. The other skills are merely a bonus for later on.
What I don't like is that you have to ride all the way around town to get back to a bank or building to attack it... but given the sidescroller nature that is probably about the best that could be managed.
#1 earth 2013-08-02 19:53
very nice sequel to very nice game, western theme isn't used much so plus from that, plenty to play (due 3 difficult level, easy is maybe too easy) and some levels are long, few guns to buy and upgrade and also other upgrades, few chars to choose although 1st is best, enemies are mostly basic but there are few tougher ones and big bad boss, ally can be called (after gets it) if wants, money isn't used for anything (besides cl.imbing on most wanted list), vety nice graphics and sounds.

overall very nice game where 1 of bad thing is similarity of levels, few achievements to get.

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