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Rating: 3.96/5 - 6616 Plays
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Genre: Action, Defense

Play as the peacekeeper, a destructing and trigger happy armored suit!



Mouse. In-game instructions.




#5 DMC 2016-04-23 06:59
Graphics are cool, lot's of blood and guts. However I really don't like playing shooter games that keep sending waves of enemies, each wave with increased power.

Anyway, I give this game a 3/5
#4 jpankako 2014-05-30 09:37
Very well made, polished & professionally looking game. Controls require quite a bit of practice & getting used to. Well made upgrade system but without any strategy element - you practically just need to max all skills to do better in the game.

Played to level 16 when increased wave complexity finally overrode my interest in replaying levels - would have been nice to have had the opportunity to replay earlier levels to gather points & increase skills easier. May come back later - a clear 4/5
#3 Ragnar 2013-07-11 22:38
Bit different and fun - I like it as a nice time waster 4/5
#2 earth 2013-07-11 20:01
bit unusual defend the base game, only 1 weapon given and grenade which needs time to recharge (like other helpers aka heal and emp which stuns enemies)) and few other upgrades which can be upgraded with money and as game goes on more upgrade levels are unlocked, fully upgraded gun is real killer as is that few usage rocket shooter, since all upgrades goto lvl 10 alot money is needed but armor and health can be ignored mostly and sapend money to upgrade weapon and grenade, achievements (very basic) give extra money which comes handy (although getting those achievements takes time), lots of enemies to kill varying from easy to kill to difficult to kill and different type of too, few bosses which are difficult to kill as usual (best is to use grenade to kill bosses and masses of enemies), quite nice graphics with nice sounds and weird but funny between levels "chats".

overall nice game which is far from normal defend the base game, easy gameplay otherwise but bosses are masses cause troubles if isn't careful, lack of weapons could be considered as negative but due upgrades no other weapons needed, after finishing all levels can continue to play on endless waves to get remaining achievements if wants.
#1 Jairone 2013-07-11 10:44
Odd duck for cover style shooter.

I'm not a fan, but I'm sure some people will be. It seems fairly well done. The humor is okay, but at times falls flat.

3/5 for me, it isn't all that special but it does have some good points.

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