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Rating: 3.27/5 - 5695 Plays
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Genre: Action, Defense

Outer space shooting has never been this intense! You have been given a mission to defend the last remaining plants in the world. The problem? You planted them on the moon and the aliens are not so happy having you and your plant in their territory...



Use WASD KEYS to control the movement of the astronaut and use MOUSE to aim and shoot your weapon. Gather skill points from your science facility by pressing DOWN KEY if you are in front of it and use those skill points to unlock upgrades. If you are low on health or in need of stronger guns, visit the shop and buy the latest technology of lasers and weapons.




-1 #5 fergusferret 2013-03-11 12:56
not the best game going and not really that easy.., the 2 shot gun isn't as bad as earth suggests either. it just needs the reload to be maxed to be of better worth.

I managed about 4 days but then I didn't upgrade the plant growth until I had weapons I could take the enemies out with a bit faster.

-2 #4 dgleaf 2013-03-11 12:47
Good advice E2. Keep a cool head. My time: 3 days 9 hours 34 minutes
+1 #3 earth 2013-03-10 21:20
very nice game otherwise except shotguns (2 of those) are totally useless so if buys those then needs to rely on pistol quite long which is quite useless against later aliens (basically there are 3 useful weapons, pistol, pulsar and heavy pulsar), character could jump bit higher and longer than few feets, monsters give money nicely (although not when its needed, I had over 11k left in the end and had bought all guns), ok graphics and sounds (all rapid fire weaps sound like machine gun), game gets easy after gets pulsar and very easy after gets heavy pulsar (especially if has max health regen and protection).

overall very nice game but weaps are bit too overpriced (especially 2 shot weaps) and few times there are too much aliens. genre is good if it doesn't get masscopied (I have seen 1 game with similar idea which was basically impossible to play cause enemies withstood too much damage and there were no time to do research much).
#2 StaZ101 2013-03-10 18:07
3 days 13 hours 51 mins
#1 Eleonora2 2013-03-10 11:28
Guess it's ok but too easy. Did have some lag when i was trying to do many things in a short time. Don't make this a clickfest, keep your cool and eliminated those monsters efficiently.

Since it's too easy let's make it a time competetion. I did it in 3 days 21 hours and 20 minutes. I know it can be done a lot faster so go for it :D

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