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Rating: 3.00/5 - 4965 Plays
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Genre: Action

The ninja town become unsafe again because of a mafia organization. Help the Ninjas to fight against the Mafias by using various weapons and high-level skills. Show them the power of a real Ninja, defend the town at all cost!



Use Mouse to play.



#3 earth 2013-02-05 21:23
nice idea but that's it although ninjas are very underpowered, crappy game and player is suffering cash shortage, each upgrade xosts fortune and to get upgrade points player needs to win level and that's easier said than done (won 1st level by sheer luck), very nice graphics and sounds and music.

overall piece of crap. I played hacked version of this and got bored after few levels since every battle is same except there are different units fighting. total lack of money and upgrade points makes this very difficult and totally unplayable.
#2 fergusferret 2013-02-05 19:20
a very overdone genre.

fairly common base versus base with low upgrades that are expensive. works ok but not sure the transformations are any improvement on the usual type of upgrade.

#1 DMs choice 2013-02-05 16:34
Just another one of those base-vs.-base-games. This times ninjas against gangsters. Lacks cowboys, pirates, cyborgs aaaaand zombies! (Not really...)
3/5. Seems ok. But an overdone genre...

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