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Rating: 3.06/5 - 5513 Plays
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Genre: Action

Space conqueror, your mission awaits!



In-game tutorial.



#3 Figsak 2013-02-04 17:35
What's good about this game is that it's more complex that first glance would gleam. What's bad about this game is how when you get fairly far in, you don't get very much reward for trying levels and losing, so the only way to get better gear at that point is to grind levels over and over.

Not worth that.

3/5 stars for effort.
#2 fergusferret 2013-01-22 18:10
strange game with a couple of bonuses for hits above 70% and saving 70% armour. these help with the cash issues but do not get given more than once a level so you gain 50 after the first level unless you haven't got the 2 bonuses already.

gun placements are a bit like placing a hammer into the hand before seeing the work and then not being able to change to the screwdriver needed to complete the work.

you may buy an upgrade but not place it as there are pro's and con's to all the items available. so far the laser seems the best item to get but that is mid range in all but targeting. you want to hit a target just point at it with the laser but have to use trajectory to try targeting with all the rest.

+2 #1 earth 2013-01-21 21:05
ok semi spaceeshooter, starts nicely and everything goes well until 6th planet then difficulty jumps to very high (to finish that level apparently needs to replay prev. levels which bites bottom), ok graphics and sounds, money is given too little vs how soon difficulty ramps up and replay of earlier levels is waste of time vs money given (50 bucks when better equipment costs 1k+ bucks and has 200-300 bucks in hand), crappy guns (especially when reaches 6th planet) and other equipment aren't much better.

overall ok game but players hits wall too soon and can't break that w/o wasting alot time, this could been quite good game years ago but not today.

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