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Rating: 2.20/5 - 5019 Plays
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Genre: Action

Siege of Osaka is an action packed platform game. Use your strategy to complete each level. Kill your enemies, upgrade your weapons and find the exit path. Avoid obstacles and watch your health bar.



In-game tutorial.



#2 earth 2013-01-12 20:48
ok platform fighter with samurai theme but caharacter dies too easily and all bought bonuses are lost when dies last time, enemies sometimes do surprise appearance which causes health loss which can't be get back any way, apparently using special attacks (which aren't that good and especially shurikens are $hitty) causes health loss (not sure), bit crappy controls, nice b&w graphics and ok sounds (not much) and nice music which suits to theme, luckily after dies "final" time player doesn't lose progress so he/she can start from that level he/she reached (apparently idea is that once player reaches last level and dies "final" time then player grinds some earlier level to get money to buy specials back), jumping is bad cause char needs speed to jump more than few cents, bosses are bit difficult until reaches last level where boss is bad (no idea what harms it since at least shurikens didn't do anything).

overall ok game but crappy controls and overall difficulty in some places and last boss drop scores.
-1 #1 fergusferret 2013-01-12 14:13
all keyboard play action with most of the attacks and movement on the bottom 2 layers of keys ... unless you have a none standard keyboard.

games uses zxcvbn(space) and the arrow keys.

you have to select the levels you want to play with the mouse but that is all the mouse does in this game. the rest if a bit like hit and miss with warrior of the old shinto samurai class (with a few added extras) against monsters and spikes, arrows and crumbling bridges with spike pits below.

level 3 is a bit of a bad place with a large nasty waiting with lots of life and your warrior has little to counter it unless you spam the earlier levels for upgrades (there are 6 in total available). each upgrade has its place. you get a shield as your first upgrade, which shields from arrows and other things from both directions and is multi-use. there is a flash attack which appears to be a one use per level item and the third upgrade I have no idea about despite getting it and trying to use it. it appears to be useless.

the so called in game tutorial is a set of instructions about the keys and that is it.

not too impressed with it really so low marks here.


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