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Rating: 2.62/5 - 6770 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooting

Breath-taking adventure set in grim world of madness made reality, fighting the hordes of horrible monsters, wide variety of weapons, abilities, and really cool game-play.



Mouse. In-game tutorial.




#8 DMC 2016-04-23 12:33
Trippy shooter game, not really what I like to play but this one is ok, I give it 3/5
#7 TheZman 2012-11-10 16:37
Fun. I have to say that I like the thematic darkness/dreaming bit. The animation and artwork are decent for a flash game. Also I have to say that dialogue/narration is well written. I would otherwise hate games such as this, but I am quite fond of it.
#6 seeker1983 2012-11-09 23:04
Could be very nice game, but perfomance sucks.
#5 DMs choice 2012-11-03 14:53
Straight, mindless shooting fun :D
Easy controls: You move all by yourself, just have to shoot everything that comes up.
And the game isn't too hard either. I played it through in about an hour and killed the end boss at first try (shotgun is most effective).
Nice to kill a few minutes, but not really challenging.
3/5 stars
#4 fergusferret 2012-11-03 13:19
drag on the aimer is way too long for me to be able to play this game. The gun will auto-fire if you keep the mouse button pressed so not a problem there but the way the aimer acts is way too sensitive and lags way too much and death is inevitable.

usual weapon swaps are numeric or mouse scroll (middle wheel if your mouse has one of these)
#3 Hector7 2012-11-03 12:49
The only complaint I have is that I hit the target and the game thinks I missed -.-... or It's my computer that is too slow for this game but ok...
#2 earth 2012-11-02 20:58
nice looking shooter but this would be better with lightgun than with mouse, game is quite difficult (due control method and things to shoot), nice amount of upgrades but others than basic weapon have limited ammo, char upgrades are nice but more suitable to different type of games, nice graphics and sounds, not bad monsters except bit basic, too much to shoot and no much time since monsters attack quickly.

overall nice game but mouse isn't best controller for this game (or this type), fun for while but that's it.
#1 Jairone 2012-11-02 18:23
An odd little shooter. Fairly standard looking undead or demonicly corrupted enemies. The aim can be a little off, it seems... or at least very picky? The lower area seems worse than the upper.
Not sure if firing too fast actually doesn't damage foes or if the animation just does not show.
Instructions for gun swapping seem rather lackluster. There is no note as to which key swaps to which gun (that I found.)
You can keep money when you die, and restart the level in order to power up. Death seems to have no real consequences except restarting the level.
Not my cup of tea, but if you enjoy arcade shooters you might like it.

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