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Rating: 2.33/5 - 5867 Plays
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Genre: Action

Deadswitch is a strategic action-packed shooter, with 6 game modes, over 65 unique weapons and 15 levels.



In-Game Instructions.




+1 #4 cass 2012-12-26 15:00
I dont get why everyone is saying bad controls? i much prefer wasd controls with qer as support, not sure why people cant handle that?

good enough game to waste some time on, except the zombie mode doesnt work in this, as you can only have 10 enermys on screen at 1 time the waves dont get harder they get longer and much more boring...! and as they have no guns you can melee them all pretty easily..

this is why i hate the rating system on here, i want to give this a 3.5/5...
+1 #3 harrier0 2012-09-12 13:56
Couldn't get to grips with the control system so I died....a lot! Too many buttons to press to change this and that and reloading for some weapons took an age, also everything is so small its hard to tell what is happening sometimes. Can only give a generous 2/5
+1 #2 fergusferret 2012-09-11 20:50
tried playing but cannot find a way to change the movement system so with what looks like wasd movement only it gets a large reduction in points.

no account is made for those of us who need to use the arrow keys for movement. movement is not too bad for the speed the game scrolls. kind of realistic where the water slows the character. with all the controls clustered together it is almost impossible to get things right.

+1 #1 earth 2012-09-11 20:23
got enuf after 1st training due character moves like it walks in tar and jumps maybe a feet up, ok graphics and sounds and rockish music, bad controis (no idea if changeable).

overal not game I would play.

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