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Rating: 2.23/5 - 4891 Plays
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Genre: Action

Theo has given up his life as a human slave and now must blast his way through Rush Hour traffic on his way home.



Arrows & WASD - Move. Space - Shoot.




-1 #7 Ragnar 2012-05-11 20:12
2/5 could with a graphics upgrade as well
+1 #6 Figsak 2012-04-01 16:23
Fatal flaw in the design of this game.

You begin with a super-weak pea-shooter, and making money is SUPER difficult, since you can hardly kill anything. To purchase the next gun, you need WAY too much money, and when you try and save for it, you tend to die, and when you die, you lose all your money.


1/5 stars
-1 #5 Wookieebane 2012-03-21 18:52
Pretty terrible game. It is a very old type if shooter, and the enemies run into you a lot. The controls are simple, though. Stay away from this game, it will waste time and effort. 1/5 stars.
#4 Danqazmlp 2012-03-20 21:34
The game was solid but bad at the same time.

Too short, bad upgrades, no real goal. When you die, you lose both your upgrades and money meaning any death really screws you over.

-1 #3 harrier0 2012-03-20 20:49
I never was much good at arcade games! Damage comes too quickly before you've had time to increase shields/move faster/upgrade weapons. I therefore died a lot.2/5
-1 #2 earth 2012-03-20 20:36
ok game BUT ship gets destroyed quickly and money is given too little and collecting it ain't easiest task and prices are normal aka high and no idea where enemy ships are coming so destruction comes sooner than later.

cash from destroyed ships/objects instea need to collect it and better weapon at start and game would be much better.
-1 #1 fergusferret 2012-03-20 19:04
not too bad a game if you can get the cash quickly enough to be able to upgrade the sooting and not get damaged too badly in the process

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