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Rating: 2.94/5 - 6108 Plays
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Genre: Action, Fight

The president has been kidnapped, along with your girlfriend. Stop a group of prisoners escaping a jail and you might just be able to save them!



Keyboard Controls (In-Game Instructions).




-1 #11 Ragnar 2012-05-11 20:24
2/5 for ennui and no incentive to replay
-1 #10 Lhetre 2012-03-19 21:32
several languages - that's a good point, the font being barely readable, you cannot tell the difference between a Z and a 2 - that beats the many languages !!
nice graphics but no story, nothing to do but bashing enemies, an empty game
-1 #9 anabesi 2012-03-18 16:23
Big Fat Zero. 0/5.
-1 #8 harrier0 2012-03-18 14:56
Oh dear. I have to say that this is just a poor excuse for a game, I found nothing to commend it at all. Key bashing to play a game is usually -2 for me straight away, contrived story etc etc. Sorry my fellow AOGians but I can't give this anything other than 1/5 and thats only because I can't give it 0/5.
#7 Buddyro2 2012-03-18 11:49
I really dont get this game at all.
Why do you need a president when theirs a nuclear war? and why is the setting at a prison?

#6 Eleonora2 2012-03-18 11:35
Sound: bad
Graphic: worse
Gameplay: their hp bar is long gone but they refuse to go down
Score: very poor
#5 Jairone 2012-03-18 04:58
It's not the worst fighting game concept ever... Okay, yes it is. Let's stand in the way of a bunch of escaping convicts, and not let the guards just mow them down with gunfire. Genius!
It's also not exactly a game with much variety. I suppose the bosses (other than the first) might be a bit more of an issue, but the flunkies are just a yawnfest! It gets boring quick, and honestly you can round up all the enemies easily with the quicker attacks (X) and then spam the fist pummel of infinitum (Z) until they are all dead. Makes any other strategy kinda pointless.
It plays decently enough, and you can get enough cash easily enough... which keep it from the complete trash heap IMO. 2/5 for the nice parts, game functionality (it seems like it actually got tested, yay!), and the pink nuclear shirt... because that one image is at a person higher rating than the game overall for me. Which is slightly scary.
+1 #4 fergusferret 2012-03-17 23:30
I got bored after round 2 and it isnt good for the keyboard to be bashing a few keys about too much like with this game

not a lot of good stuff to say on this other than it uses the arrow keys to move.

+1 #3 Figsak 2012-03-17 22:10
I'm a sucker for absurdity.

I really enjoyed this for awhile, until around wave 16, when every wave lasted WAY too long, and my finger just got tired.

If you want to beat this, you need to be REALLY bored, and have LOT's of free time.

2/5 stars for being tedious
-1 #2 earth 2012-03-17 21:18
nice idea BUT to get money for updates/-grades needs to play same (only?) level again and again and that gets boring quickly and after gate has been broken its game over and next try.

nice graphics and good music and easy controls but that's it.

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