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Rating: 3.74/5 - 10787 Plays
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Genre: Action-Strategy

As every evil genius knows, there's no better way to conquer the world than breeding giant monsters.

Customize your own monster, send it to destroy and loot a city.

Buy upgrades to fight back the military resistance and to ensure a total devastation.



Aim with your mouse and use Q, W, E, R, T, Y keys for special actions

(you can also use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 keys for actions).

Spacebar to flip.

Use arrows or WASD for move.



#10 fergusferret 2017-06-16 14:44
not much else i can say on this one that has not been said already ... npt my type of game though

#9 mister FRL 2011-06-26 16:17
I find that when you move the mouse the skulls you get money :D
#8 mister FRL 2011-06-26 15:58
I found that when you hover the skulls you get money
#7 Figsak 2011-06-25 00:08
This game is unique and interesting. I don't like how expensive parts are though. You cannot beat the Tehran level (Which is only 4 maps in) unless you farm the first 3 levels over and over to be able to afford the parts to beat the enemy monster.

This is tedious.

Good idea though.

3/5 stars
#6 Roye 2011-06-24 16:30
donno why but it works only on internet explorer and not on firefox :(
+1 #5 Roye 2011-06-24 16:27
i only see a black screen :\

it doesnt work :(
#4 TheZman 2011-06-23 12:21
It's fun, and I'm a total sucker for giant monster movies. but money comes way too slowly in this game.
#3 DMs choice 2011-06-22 16:15
Yes, nice idea. But I don't quite get, what it is with the special moves. They don't seem to work. I understand that you obviously need energy for them, but the energy bar doesn't seem to fill - at least not fast enough.
That's a real pity, for when I buy those monster parts with those neat powers I also would like to use them to defend my monster (and to cause carnage and win medals).
#2 Danqazmlp 2011-06-22 00:45
I liked it. It could have done with a little more explanation on the special moved and maybe having the final form stronger, but overall a good game.
#1 harrier0 2011-06-21 21:31
Nice idea but just doesn't work for me.

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