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Change your steam account area?
Discussion started by Megaomgchen , on 05 October 05:42 AM

Steam doesnt allow region change anymore the only way is to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta purchase something from another country but that will never happen. I must make more room if I want to play both. But I wonder if there's an option to have one version installed? So you may bring over costumes and emotes, I can not believe that this was such a radical idea which I stated that you would be able to, even if they didn't let you bring this over to NGS then their sole income for this particular game could stop like a car hitting a wall at 60 miles as noone would buy anymore scratch my sole concern is a game that operate smooth even with WIN7 because the begin become inaccessible for many ppl.

What I believed that they were doing was releasing a totally new game in a very perplexing and poorly-communicated manner. I expect NGS eventually becomes similar to PSO2 concerning size and scope. Just hoping to get an open world with dungeons and raids... Therefore the not all classes at start is kind of worrying me like what if there's absolutely not any summoner are phantomSo the not all classes at launch is kind of stressing me just like what if there is no summoner are phantom Since ticket items and enrolled information are specified separately, can you technically hoard tickets before New Genesis discharge and then offer them in the personal store in the new sport?

The item itself will probably be categorized as a PSO2 item which can't exist in NGS inventories, and that means that you can't bring it into NGS to sell in NGS personal stores. So far as selling it due to the NGS graphics update, not sure how that is going to be any different from today? The registered data is going to be the same pre- and post-NGS images upgrade. I mean obviously not. All of the transfer rules for matters like Meseta will be to create it so you cannot break the NGS market utilizing PSO2 goods.

The weapons transferred probably will not be worth much , or just bound to you on transfer.

Actual pog news, I can not wait to get my pc so I could depart Xbox, like Jesus a complete block from the gate entry provides me 7 frames I mean, like any MMO it probably won't have a lot of content on discharge. . .you could play that other game in the other blocks while awaiting articles though.... I mean, just like any MMO it probably won't have much content on release. . .you can play that other match in the other blocks while waiting for content though.... In comparison to outfits and wearable things from PSO2, those of PSO2:NGS are far better in images, and cheap PSO2 Meseta the character's fingers go when outfitted.

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